Netro Wrought Iron Double Entry Door


Wrought iron is one of the most durable building materials available, it is weather proof so won’t warp with warm weather or rain, it holds it’s shape and is resilient long after a timber door requires maintenance like painting.

Get a high level of security with a wrought iron door. Attempts to break-in or force a wrought iron door result in thieves often giving up, as unlike a timber door an iron door will not splinter or crack.

Your front door is often the most distinguishing exterior feature of your home, and can increase your home’s value and curb appeal when kept in good order. Wrought iron doors require little to no maintenance even years after installation, and Adoore Iron Designs use only the highest grades of materials to forge and manufacture your door.

The team from Adoore Iron Designs work closely with homeowners, builders and architects to ensure seamless construction and installation of your door. That means you get support all the way through your building project and can be sure that there is someone on hand to assist if something unexpected happens that will impact on your door installation.

Technical Specifications

The specifications below are presented as a guideline for our products.  Adoore Iron Designs specializes in custom orders therefore it is possible to modify some specifications to match your needs.

Features found on your wrought iron entry door include:

  • Solid 12 gauge steel construction, offering great security and durability for your home.
  • 5/8″ solid steel scroll work throughout.
  • Comes pre-hung on a balanced, customizable 2″-wide door jamb with barrel hinges and easy lubrication grease fittings to prevent squeaking.
  • Doors are sprayed with hot zinc for rust prevention.
  • Built with mortised, easily adjustable strike plates for a consistent close.
  • Multi-layer finish includes a two-part, anticorrosive epoxy primer, highest-grade, baked-on automotive-quality paint and a final clear coat to ensure protection from the elements.
  • Fully-insulated with polyurethane foam injected into the door sheet, jamb and window frame.
  • Includes insulated, hermetically sealed tempered glass for energy efficiency and safety – increased energy efficiency available with low E glass.
  • Equipped with grooved kerf weather stripping around the door and glass frames.
  • Integral Drop seal on the underside of the door, sealing door completely.
  • A 15 degree slope at the sill prevents leakage, standing water and paint deterioration.
  • All Adoore Iron Designs door features are backed by our industry-leading 10 year warranty.


A modern interpretation on Spanish Colonial style, the Netro is a solid top arched wrought iron double entry door.

With larger glass panel areas than traditionally used in Spanish Colonial architecture, the style of the Netro compliments Spanish Colonial Revival houses and buildings yet allows in a lot more light than a traditional style door.

Busca is a Colonial styled wrought iron door, designed to sit sympathetically with buildings and homes in the Colonial and Colonial Revival architectural styles.

This double entry front door design adds distinction and prestige to any façade, instantly increasing street appeal.

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